Session: Summer 2024
Chapter:  Colorado Springs
Location:  TBD
Details:  Auditions/ Callbacks: May 20-23 Rehearsals: May 28th; June 14th-15th; June 17th-21st; June 24th-28th; July 1st-3rd; July 8th-11th Shows: July 12th-14th
Starts:  05/20
Ages:  13 - 18
Tuition:  $250.00


CYT is debuting The SpongeBob Musical for the first time in Colorado Springs! This will be a full production but with a concentrated rehearsal process throughout the summer. Participants must be 13-18 years old to audition. This show includes incredible sets, props, and costumes! It also has lots of featured roles, and super fun dancing backed by an incredible music score! Everyone who auditions will be cast in this show! Come be a part of this show and have the BEST DAY(s) EVER! 

A fee of $250 ($200 if registered before March 31st!) is required to sign up for your audition spot. $100 is non refundable and allows us to move forward with pre-production planning! Once you have auditioned, the full sign up fee is non refundable and an additional production fee of $200 will be charged to your family account. The full cost altogether is $450 without any discounts.

There is still a $25 family discount on the sign-up fee for each sibling who registers after the first. Students attending CYT National EXPO will also get a $100 discount on their production fee after casting.

Artistic Team:
Directors- Brent Kennedy and Laura Kennedy
Music Director- Keri Denison
Choreographers- Anna Mesward and Sarah Carder


Vocal Auditions: May 20 & 21 5:45pm-6:30pm
Dance Auditions: May 20 & 21 following Vocal Auditions
Callbacks: May 22nd, 5:30 pm-8:30 pm
Callbacks: May 23rd, 5:30 pm-8:30 pm

May 28th, 5:00pm-8:30pm

June 14th, 5:00pm-8:30pm
June 15th, 10:00am-3:30pm

June 17th, 9:00am-2:30pm
June 18th, 9:00am- 3:30pm
June 19th, 5:00pm-8:30pm
June 20th, 5:00pm-8:30pm
June 21st, 5:00pm-8:30pm

June 24th, 9:00am-2:30pm
June 25th, 9:00am- 3:30pm
June 26th, 5:00pm-8:30pm
June 27th, 5:00pm-8:30pm
June 28th, 5:00pm-8:30pm

July 1st, 5:00pm-8:30pm
July 2nd, 5:00pm-8:30pm
July 3rd, 5:00pm-8:30pm

Mandatory Dates (No Conflicts Allowed):

Tech Week
July 8th, 4:00pm- 9:00pm
July 9th, 4:00pm- 9:00pm
July 10th, 4:00pm- 9:00pm
July 11th, 4:00pm- 9:00pm

July 12th, 4:00pm-9:00pm
July 13th, 12:00pm-9:00pm
July 14th, 1:00pm-9:00pm

Rehearsal Location : TBD
Performance Location: The Ent Center for the Arts

***CONFLICTS: For this summer stock production we are planning to cast everyone who auditions! However, since the rehearsal schedule is so tight, having too many conflicts may be a reason a student would not be cast. If you look at the rehearsal schedule above and know you will have more than 10 hours of conflicts, please reach out to me at so we can talk through those before you sign up! 10 hours is not a definite no, and will be a case-by-case call as to whether this show commitment is feasible. PLEASE, reach out to me if you are in this situation and I am happy to talk through your conflicts! I do want to make clear that ANY conflicts still play a factor in casting lead roles and features.****

*** Parent Committees: Since this is a summer production, it differs slightly from our regular season productions in a few ways. One of those differences is that we are NOT requiring parent committee commitments for this show. With that said we will still need volunteers to help accomplish this massive show. Committees will be optional but encouraged and volunteers can sign up for them when the audition form is released.
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Location:  ** TBD **