Session: Fall 2024
Chapter:  Colorado Springs
Location:  Peak City Church
Time:  5:30pm - 7:30pm
Day:  Monday
Starts:  08/19
Ages:  5 - 7
Tuition:  $225.00
Open Spots:  3


Our Gang: Bluey
5-7 years
Teacher: Annie Sutton
Join Bluey as we turn everyday life into extraordinary adventures! Let’s develop our imagination and learn basics of theatre through crafts, and lots of games! We will rehearse our songs and dances to perform at the showcase wearing our own creative costume! Like Bluey, everyone can learn how to “live boldly in the pretend!”
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Annie Sutton

“I live in a musical!” Is how Annie describes her life as a homeschooling mom with young, theatrical daughters! Seeing firsthand the benefits of performing arts in building confidence and social skills, she and her husband Matt, are thankful for CYT! Annie taught first grade for 5 years at The Classical Academy, taught various homeschool classes, and volunteers at their church preschool. Their family has been involved in CYT since 2020 and she’s loved teaching CYT classes and being a CYT camp counselor too! She can’t wait to invest in your child and see them grow and shine this class session!


1710 Dublin Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80918